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Serial to HP82240B "Redeye" IR printer adapter

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This project got started as a request on the hackaday "Requests and commissions" forum. http://forums.hackaday.com/viewforum.php?f=10

2APR2011 Final version of the firmware works in both IR and direct connect modes. Web page created


Click on slide show for album with bigger images.

Download the full package (micro code, bill of material, logics, and printer rework instructions) here HP82240B_adapter.zip.  

Current firmware images included:
Jumper selectable 9600 8N1 or 2400 8N1 serial link speed.
Jumper selectable IR or direct connect mode (enable / disable carrier frequency)

The basic operation is you send the serial just as describe in the operators manual. The PIC will buffer the data until you have a full line. Once a full line is detected the PIC will drive the busy line low and send the data out the IR / direct link. Once the send is finished the busy line will stay low for 2 seconds. (This is the maximum time the printer requires to print a line) Once the 2 second timer has expired the busy line will go high and the message will be sent back out the serial port. Any messages recived while the busy line is active will be ignored and discarded.

This firmware supports both the basic ASCII mode and the advanced graphic printing (See escape sequences in the manual).