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26NOV13Got featured on Hack a Day
10W led driver http://hackaday.com/2013/11/20/simple-10-watt-led-driver-is-hot-stuff/
Fiber light source http://hackaday.com/2013/11/24/building-an-led-source-for-a-fiber-optic-ring-light/
17NOV13Added link to Stop Motion camera dolly
Added page for the 10W led driver / dimmer
Added link to 10W-LED-fiber-light-source
28OCT13Added link to twitter account on the contacts page.
Updated the 5 channel LED candle project with new video and a link to the instructable and tinde kits.
Got accepted to the smarter life challenge follow my blog here.
29SEP13Added 5 channel LED candle project.
25MAY13Added head mounted camera project.
7MAY13Major progress on the climbing wall in part thanks to Red Bull for motivation.
Added link to the Junkbox 18x7x7 CNC mill project.
Added the Touch sensitive climbing wall project.
Added the HP82240B IR printer adapter project.
Added Rochester Tabletop Robotics League pages
21JUL10 Updated quadrature to YADRO frimware to improve EMI noise imunity. (see link for more info)
17JUL10 Updated quadrature to YADRO frimware to power up with a non-zerro default value. (see link for more info) 
27JUN10 Finished quadrature to YADRO adapter and updated the Cen-Tech to YADRO adapter
19FEB10 New version of the "button" firmware for the MKV GTI that adds TTL outputs for button presses as well as the serial communication. here
14FEB10 Automotive can bus to serial adapter finished (VW MKV GTI) here
14FEB10 DRO scale mounts added to mill page here
05DEC09 Cen-tech to Yadro converter built up and verified good here
21NOV09 Cen-Tech to Yadro converter raw cards arrived here
14NOV09 Cen-Tech to Yadro converter finished and released here
10OCT09 Added STT trailer converter project here
16AUG09 Cen-Tech to RS232 converter finished and released here
 26JUN08  finally got all the pages reworked to a point I can start posting them. Should see more content added over the next few weeks. First thing up all the photos of my EV and Milling machine under projects